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Combining Rich Experience with a Fresh Innovative Approach
C-Data is the leading company in Israel in setting marketing norms for the distribution of computer, data security and communication products and peripheral equipment of top brands, such as Apple, HP, HPE, Dell, ASUS, Microsoft, IBM, VMware, Veeam, Nutanix, Trellix, Thales, F5, Arista and more to resellers.
C-Data is led by a management that is highly experienced in the distribution of computerized products to resellers in Israel. Alongside our excellent sales and service staff, C-Data employs a top-notch, professional and sophisticated team of experts, which is the finest in Israel.
The Company was established in 2002, our staff has years of experience and is deeply familiar with the Israeli computer market. The combination of fresh innovation with rich experience allows C-Data to set new standards of efficiency and innovation in distribution, thereby enabling our customers to enjoy unprecedented availability, speed, and accessibility.

Why is C-Data so important for our customers?

The field of computer products and peripheral equipment is a very dynamic field, one that is rapidly and constantly in flux. In a world where products become outdated in a matter of months and prices are affected accordingly - availability, speed, and accessibility are key. For our customers, shelf-time and response-time mean money, and in such a highly competitive marketplace, the need for immediate marketing and distribution systems is crucial.

C-Data serves as a dynamic bridge between the manufacturing and import systems and the resellers: dealers, retailers and integrators. The Company provides optimal marketing solutions to resellers, and allows them to maintain reasonable price margins vis-à-vis the end consumer. C-Data's strength lies is in its ability to save customers a great deal of money, giving them a significant edge over their competitors to the benefit of their customers.

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Leaders in the distribution of computer equipment in Israel
For unprecedented efficiency, innovation, and availability


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